The service of development counselling offered by Simus Kinnisvara (Simus Real Estate) helps both private persons and real estate developers implement real estate development projects comfortably and with maximum productivity. We have specialists, who have thorough knowledge of real estate and real estate development, at your disposal. We can support you at every stage of your project – from the idea to its realisation, or by counselling you at different stages of the project. The development counselling services are divided into the following stages:

1. Consultation to establish the development potential of an immovable

All good solutions begin with an excellent idea. The same rule applies to the area of real estate development. However, even the best idea does not always ensure success. One can only imagine what the results may be if a good idea is not realised in the best way!? If you have a good idea or an immovable and you are looking for its realisation, we are ready to offer you free consultation to establish the development potential of the object and its development possibilities.

2. Analysis of the real estate market and the feasibility of a certain development project

To be convinced of the profitability and feasibility of a project, we conduct an analysis of feasibility and a market analysis. As a result of these activities, we will be able to ascertain whether the investment planned would be purposeful and rational. We can also offer you an overview of the estimated costs and profits of the project, which would help you make the right decision.

3. Arrangement of financing

It is not rare when a good idea with promising productivity is generated but the project is not realised because there is no possibility to finance it. Money cannot be the reason for not realising a good idea! If a project is profitable, we will help you arrange its financing by involving investors and credit institutions to the development project. Citing one of the largest credit institutions: „Good ideas always realise”

4. Organisation of building process 

As establishment of real estate objects is a serious undertaking and a lot of work, it is important that construction is carried out in time and professionally. To ensure quality of an object to be established and a balance of the price ratio, we help you in conducting construction contests. We will find you a suitable renderer of construction service.

5. Arrangement of sale 

Due to our long-term experience on the Estonian real estate market, Simus Kinnisvara has comprehensive and thorough knowledge of marketing real estate objects. We help you prepare a detailed marketing plan and realise it, starting from introducing the immovable in different marketing channels up to conclusion of notarial contracts – the easiest way of selling.

Realisation of your ideas is only a phone call away. Please contact us.



The employees of Simus Kinnisvara have very good knowledge of the real estate market and they constantly analyse market trends. Because of that our specialists can give professional and trustworthy advice to clients who want to find property for investment purposes or to improve their property and make it more profitable. 

Simus Simus Kinnisvara offers professional services in helping solve property-related issues and, if needed, we can ease your burden by way of carrying out all necessary actions for the transactions ourselves.

Simus Kinnisvara itself invests in different real estate projects. Practical experience gathered this way creates basis for providing competent advice to clients.



Simus Kinnisvara employees have extensive experience in real estate business and they know the current market well. In case you are interested in selling, purchasing or exchanging your property, our specialists will help you find the best solution. You may only need our consultancy services. Taking into account the long-term nature of the investments, you may need a more detailed analysis.

Simus Kinnisvara offers professional services in helping solve property-related issues and, if needed, we can ease your burden by taking care of all the necessary actions in connection with the transactions ourselves.