Competence, professionalism, motivated team

Simus Kinnisvara has been operating on real estate market over 25 years and has acquired considerable experience in the field. Through launching and marketing property development projects we have gained invaluable know-how. At present time Simus Kinnisvara is primarily focused on launching and implementing new residential housing projects in collaboration with property developers and on property consultancy.

The secret behind the success of Simus Kinnisvara is a competent, professional and motivated team that can respond flexibly to client needs. The company considers its edge over competitors to be its forecasting skills and ability to foresee changes on the real estate market in a much wider perspective. The mission of Simus Kinnisvara is to continue offering even more high quality and reliable services to its clients.

When dealing with clients, our priority at Simus Kinnisvara is to comply with the rules of etiquette, ensuring correct, accurate, smooth and friendly service. The company holds in high regard good business practices and has won the trust and favour of many cooperation partners and clients. If you should need an objective and professional evaluation for a development project, do not hesitate to come to Simus Kinnisvara for a consultation.

Simus Kinnisvara is member of The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia.


The company’s logo shows that Simus Kinnisvara has a strong attitude. Triskelion, based on what the logo of Simus Kinnisvara was designed, is a very old symbol. The symbol is thought to have many different meanings - it is a solar symbol, a symbol of happiness and flow of time. In the form of an unbroken circle of footsteps it is also a symbol of fertility and regeneration.